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Catch basins can help improve drainage on your property.

You deserve to have a beautiful yard with all the stunning hardscaping and landscaping you’ve always dreamed of. However, these kinds of additions can pose new challenges. Hardscaping features, for instance, often require you to add new drainage solutions to your Chapin, South Carolina property. Although our open grade system at Kalberer Construction can significantly reduce the risk of flooding and other drainage issues, it’s still important to consider other drainage solutions, such as catch basins.

Catch Basins in Chapin, South Carolina

Whether your yard needs catch basins because of a new hardscaping feature or due to a general lack of proper drainage, you can rely on our team to install them. Catch basins are special type of drainage solutions that include a grate opening at the street level. Below the grate and in the ground is the basin, which is connected to a network of pipes. When the water rises to a certain level, it enters that network, which then channels the water into a sewage system or reservoir.

Catch basins are excellent at preventing floods, as they can reduce the chances of severe water damage that can be expensive to repair. They can also increase your property value and keep your plants safe from damage and soggy soil.

Our team understands the role of catch basins and how to install them properly for the best results. To ensure your property has the protection it needs from flooding, turn to us for catch basins. We also offer a range of other drainage solutions, and we can help you determine which ones are right for you. Contact us today to learn more and get started.