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We can expertly install French drains for our customers.

Are you worried about flooding in your yard? This is an issue that many Chapin, South Carolina homeowners face, but it’s one that is easily solved when you trust the right experts for drainage solutions. Here at Kalberer Construction, we offer several types of drainage options for our clients, and with our expertise and keen attention to detail, we can restore your peace of mind, manage the runoff in your yard, and protect your property from water damage.

French Drains in Chapin, South Carolina

French drains are one of the most popular types of drainage systems because they of their simplicity and elegance. To install French drains, our team will dig out a ditch in the problem area. In this ditch, our team will carefully lay a perforated pipe and then cover it with gravel or rock. When the rain inevitably comes or your sprinklers turn on, the excess water will percolate through the rocks and gravel and into the perforated pipe. The pipe will then allow the collected water to soak into the soil or let it out into a safe, designated area, such as towards the sidewalk.

It takes skill to install French drains properly, and you can rest assured that our team has the proper training and hands-on experience to install yours. We’ll assess your yard thoroughly as we plan your drain’s design, taking soil type and other unique factors into consideration. Then, we will get to work on protecting your yard and home against water damage.

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