3 Smart Drainage Solutions for Your Property

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When your property has drainage issues, you need solutions tailored to your needs. Property drainage systems are designed to solve specific problems, so it’s important to implement the right system for your home’s unique features.

3 Smart Drainage Solutions for Your Property

Three drainage solutions commonly used for home drainage problems include French drains, catch basins, and drainage swales. In this article, we’ll explore these options to see which might best suit your needs.

  • French Drains – If you’re dealing with groundwater issues as opposed to rainwater, you need a subsurface draining system. A French drain can divert water that saturates the soil by providing an underground trench. Water moves through this trench thanks to its gravel bed, which provides a path for water to ultimately be released into a sewer, swale, or sump.
  • Catch Basins – A catch basin is a surface drainage system used to collect rainwater, often from your gutters, and relocate it through underground pipes. It usually has a slotted grate basin for rainwater to accumulate in, and then the water flows through exit pipes.
  • Drainage Swales – Swales divert water and spread water out to prevent rapid accumulation. You can think of a swale as your yard’s waterway; its broad and shallow profile creates a path for water to travel safely through your property and disperse naturally. Swales can be implemented into your landscape design for a subtle drainage option for your property.

If you’re experiencing drainage issues around your property, give our team at Kalberer Construction a call. We are passionate about delivering sound solutions for our clients to protect and maintain their properties. We’ll assess your yard and implement a drainage system tailored to your needs.